2014 Ballet Black, Linbury Theatre
direction/Choreography Arthur Pita

designs Jean-Marc Puissant

lighting design David Plater

" Pita’s star is rising”
“these fantasies have shown where their hearts lie”
“The company have never looked better "

****The Independent - Zoe Anderson

" And true to Pita's own imaginative style, that world proves to be a rollercoaster of weirdness and surprise”
“This is a delicious confection of a Dream, richly choreographed (in loving homage to Frederick Ashton) but subverted by a rude and surreal spirit of misrule "

****The Guardian - Judith Mackrell

" This one-act ballet has the legs to become a classic. I was given to thinking where it fits in any definition of dance style and came to the conclusion that Pita is opening a door to a new genre that defies a simple description. It is innovative, thoughtful and attractive; a feast for the eyes and the mind; and it’s brimful of fun "
londondance.com - Graham Watts

" Arthur Pita's wonderfully entertaining A Dream Within a Midsummer Night's Dream”
“Pita himself is more than a little Puck”
“Pita makes it clear that the characters' dream-selves are infinitely more real and true than their waking personae "

**** The Observer - Luke Jennings

" Ballet Black has a real hit on its hands”
“Pita has a great eye for theatre, a wonderful comic touch and an impressive fluency in the language of ballet "

**** The Times - Debra Craine