San Francisco Ballet – Unbound Festival – April 2018 The War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Choreographer ARTHUR PITA

Costume design MARCO MARCO

Visual decor ARTHUR PITA

Lighting design JAMES F INGALLS


" Visually, the work is a cacophony of glamour, craziness and fairytale "

" Björk Ballet is a wonderful watch – surprising, mysterious and a ridiculous amount of fun "

" Pita boasts a genuine flair for knowing excess and a command of dance theater.The movement here often captures the combination of sweetness and sophistication that goes to the heart of this composer. "
SF Chronicle

" Arthur Pita’s ballet was unique in its combination of fantasy, exoticism and a rollicking zany lightness. "

" Every moment was a surprise. And fun fun fun. "

" Björk Ballet was the eleven o’clock number that jolted the house awake. "

" Pita and fashion designer Marco Morante created a visual whirlwind, and there’s no keeping up. "