2014 Solo for Two, Natasha Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev – Sergerstrom Hall Orange County, Stanislavsky Theatre Moscow, London Coliseum, City Centre New York
direction/choreography Arthur Pita

composer Frank Moon

set and costume design Jean-Marc Puissant

lighting design Tony Marques

producer Sergei Danilian, Ardani Artists

" Pita here elicits an exuberant, intelligent comic energy from the two dancers”
“It's the kind of satisfying revenge no classical ballet heroine is ever allowed, and Osipova makes it look like a world of fun "

The Guardian- Judith Mackrell

" Thank the heavens for the imagination of Arthur Pita since his contribution to this production was unquestionably the highlight”
“Humour abounds in this Ortonesque black comedy and it is accomplished with cheeky aplomb by Osipova and Vasiliev "

londondance.com - Graham Watts

" Arthur Pita’s Facada is such a triumph. It feels like a fully realised work “
“It’s a great piece, full of comic detail and fabulously descriptive steps. Osipova’s final dance of savage jubiliation, frightening and liberated in equal measure, is simply thrilling "

The Telegraph - Sarah Crompton

" Solo For Two, remarkably, had magic.“
“But it was Osipova, yet again, who was stellar in a foot whomping folk dance on Vasiliev’s grave "

LA Times - Laura Bleiberg

" Finally, it happens: the curtain rises, and Osipova bursts in as a beautiful, barefoot bride”
“when the bride finally gets her revenge, do we finally get to see a delightfully darker side of Osipova "

Huffpost - Meghan Feeks

" Arthur Pita’s Facada is the best of the night”
“Pita’s drama and comedy do reveal his stars’ extraordinary charisma "

The Independent - Zoe Anderson

" Arthur Pita’s Facada is a big theatrical number, with Osipova as a desperate, then murderous, jilted bride, who goes wild and dances on poor Vasiliev’s grave. Both artists throw themselves into Pita’s quirky, witty and savage choreography "
Sunday Times - David Dougill

" the production had a resonance, a dramatic imagery "
Financial Times- Clement Crisp