2014 Greenwich Dance Agency, Corn Exchange Ipswich, Paul Hamlin Hall Royal Opera House
Greenwich Dance Agency, Corn Exchange Ipswich, Paul Hamlin Hall Royal Opera House

direction/choreography Arthur Pita

composer/music arranger Frank Moon

set designer Yann Seabra

costume designers Giulia Scrimieri/Yann Seabra

lighting design Ed Yetton

emcee text devised by Arthur Pita and Ewan Wardrop

assistant choreographer Valentina Golfieri

social dance tutorsAmir Giles and Benny Maslov

Produced by Mathew Jones and Rebekah Jones in co-production with Greenwich Dance GDA, DanceEast and Royal Opera House.

" It's a scenario from whose horrors Pita doesn't flinch, but it's also one he lights up with his own distinctive wit and fantasy”
“And just as Pita gives his superb dancers the chance to shine, he also deploys their skills to make us feel the full horror of the contestants' crumpled, glassy-eyed fatigue "

The Guardian - Judith Mackrell

" Although melancholia prevails, there is a firm grasp upon the need to entertain”
“it will surely have a longer life than the handful of performances seen this summer”
“it utterly conveys the terrible hope that these competitions offered to the dancers”
“But it is the weary tango performed by the eight company dancers, their eyes ringed with black, the girls’ suspenders drooping to their knees, that stays in the memory "

The Telegraph - Laura Thompson

" Pita’s constant shifts of mood and pace, sweetly reinforced by Frank Moon’s swingtime score, are proof of his choreographic versatility”
“show dead-eyed couples propped against each other, rubber-legged with exhaustion, and Pita builds on this motif to create duets that offer a zombified pastiche of contemporary pairwork "

Finacial Times - Louise Levene

" This is a fascinating concept of a show, and the dancers are superb”
“Some of the thundering “derby” sequences are frighteningly powerful: you feel the injuries could be real "

The Sunday Times - David Dougill

" Pita’s exquisite choreography is faithfully of its time”
“When the now bedraggled competitors return to the floor and the dancing, such as it is, becomes more desperate, it’s hard to believe they haven’t actually been there for 2,500 hours”
“ Pita’s rigorous attention to detail come together to give us an intriguing insight into a largely unexplored, slightly harrowing and utterly compelling segment of dance history " - Samantha Whitaker